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As we learn more about wellness, we begin to realise how the different actions taken each day can have an effect on all areas of our lives. We believe that new and deeper perspectives can come from a state of constantly learning, sharing and discovering new ideas. From leading others through yoga, to sound making and meditation, Minnie Cheung has a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and healing. We are pleased to share our conversation with Minnie where we discover more about her different practices, connecting with nature, learning to love and being human.

Minnie KIN A Chat With

The pandemic has changed how people approach yoga and meditation sessions. What have you learned during this time of uncertainty and change over the past year?

The pandemic crushed people's belief systems of inquiring what is normal and knowing we can recreate the standard. I have learned how to be fully present because it is more difficult to plan than before. We can only surrender and not just stick with one plan.

What drew you to becoming a yoga teacher, sound artist and meditative practitioner? 

The mundane work drove me to question my passion and purpose in life. We always have the power to create the life we want. Instead of living other people’s expectations and giving the power away to validate ourselves, I keep asking myself how to live life fully by sharing what I’m passionate about and what empowers me. Whether it is yoga or sound meditation, it is a means for me to inspire people to explore themselves and start their healing journey.

How has studying music growing up influenced your sound making?

It gave me the foundation and techniques of how to use the instruments and my voice.

"Healing is peeling off layers of yourself..."


What does healing mean to you?  

Everyday practice contributes to the healing work. It has to be done little by little to maintain our own garden that is our minds. Healing is peeling off layers of yourself, learning and unlearning what you have been taught by the society and going back to the purest essence of your soul and it is always about learning how to Love. It is always uncomfortable to face all your shadow sides, but it’s worth it to see the beauty of yourself and others!

Why is connecting with nature important and how do you share this with others? 

Nature is everyone's mother. We are all from nature. But nature has its great source of energy that we can replenish our own mind, body and soul. We all should be humble and respect what nature provides us.

How does sustainability affect your practice?

I started my practice to realise the importance of sustainability. I tend to create long term no matter on relationships and careers.

What is your everyday style like?

Simplicity and comfort.

"Some days I add improvisation moves to be more creative, and some days I go to nature in the early morning." 

Do you have any self-care rituals that help with releasing day to day tensions?

Every morning I start with meditation and drinking 2 glasses of lemon water. I like journaling a lot to help understand what my emotions are from day to day. Some days I add breath work and cold showers depending how I feel day to day. Some days I add improvisation moves to be more creative, and some days I go to nature in the early morning. I think there should be something you do regularly and something you can add on to keep yourself fresh and excited. 

What's in the cards for you in the next few years?

To influence people to start their healing journey by music and meditation.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about Minnie and the important work she does! Follow Minnie on IG here and check our her YouTube channel. 
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