A Chat with Rosemary Ling

Model Rosemary Ling

We met Rosemary Ling for the first time during our campaign shoot this year. It was so exciting to finally plan a photoshoot with our first range of thoughtfully designed styles. For us, it was about capturing someone who could express who the KIN girl is. Youthful, elegant, kind and down to earth were our first impressions of Rosemary. When she’s not modelling, she’s working as a Content Creator at an ethical jewelry brand and making videos for her YouTube channel. She enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, and discovering secret gems in the city of HK. Get to know Rosemary more through our chat with her. 

First 3 things you do when you wake up? 
Check my messages, freshen up, and have a tablespoon of apple vinegar cider with water.

What’s your star sign? 

Favorite thing to do to unwind? 
Playing my favorite tunes and taking a walk by the seaside.

What is your health and fitness routine like?
I try to do yoga and some HIIT exercises every night before I go to bed. And for my diet, I have been trying to avoid refined carbs if I'm not eating out.

Model Rosemary Ling

Favorite film you’ve seen recently?
I have recently watched Nomadland and I highly recommend it to everyone!

What are some ways you have adjusted to the “new normal” during the pandemic? 
Creating new routines/ hobbies. For example, working out at home instead of going to the yoga studio/ gym, trying to bake and cook more at home. Practice gratitude, always be thankful, and finding the good in different situations.


“Always be faithful no matter what comes through in life”


We loved discovering your videos on your YouTube channel! When can we expect to see a new video?
When I stop procrastinating! Haha. I have been planning to do a follow-up video about my current diet and lifestyle, just need some time to organize my thoughts.

Your favorite piece from KIN? 
Nova Slip Dress! I can literally wear it to any occasion.

Do you have any sustainable practices or habits you can share?
I have been using reusable makeup removal towels instead of make-up remover and cotton pads. Have probably saved boxes of cotton pads and bottles of makeup remover!

How do you keep inspired?
Keep exploring, constantly remind myself to step out of my comfort zone, and reflect daily. Always be faithful no matter what comes through in life, and most importantly, treasure the process of growth.

Model Rosemary Ling

Stay tuned for our official campaign lookbook to come soon! Images are captured by film photographer Angie Leung.

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