KIN x feat.MASK

We first came across feat.FASHION masks during our launch party with Plantdays. The knitted mask was surprisingly comfortable and breathable even when we wore it on a warm day. After meeting the lovely team we were already brewing ideas of doing our first ever collaboration together. We shared the same frustrations with the amount of waste that disposable masks create, along with wanting a stylish mask that could compliment our personal style and be easy to wear. 

KIN x feat.MASK

We have collaborated to create our very own KIN x feat.MASK through designing a one of a kind pattern while leveraging the sustainable knitted technology of feat.FASHION. The unique geometric design blends checker styles with elements of animal prints while KIN is featured in different areas of the mask. Our choice of this tonal dark and light grey colourway is subtle and timeless for everyday wear. 

The seamless, two-layer 3D-knitted reusable and reversible face mask is highly functional, breathable yet stylish. Through 3D knitting technology, the mask fits comfortably around the face with adjustable ear loops made from biodegradable TPU. The KIN x feat.MASK is anti-bacterial, anti-UV and is created with sustainable and recyclable materials that are soft to the touch. Each mask comes with a 100% recycled poly washing bag for you to safely and easily machine wash and tumble dry for reuse. This mask is considered a community mask and has not been proven to prevent disease. For an extra layer of protection, head to feat.Fashion to purchase replaceable filters if desired. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal hasn’t been easy wherever we are in the world. It’s hard to believe that we are all still fighting it but we would like to encourage everyone to take the safety precautions necessary to stay healthy and well. We hope that our KIN x feat.MASK can be a more sustainable option for some protection in our everyday lives. 

SHOP the KIN x feat.MASK now! KIN supports sustainability through encouraging conscious consumption while introducing pre-orders so that they produce items that are reflective of the demand. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support. 


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