Welcome To Our KIN

Earlier this year, we came together with Babel Film Creatives to create a short film that would tell the brand story of KIN. It was a learning experience for us to dive deeper into how we wanted to share who we are and what we do. After some very productive working sessions with Jeremy Hung and Trishna Mahtani throwing out insightful questions, ideas and experiences, we were ready to shoot. It was an exciting process of planning and seeing how much work goes behind creating a short video. We're thrilled to be able to communicate our vision and share what KIN is all about with the support of our talented friends from Babel Film Creatives. We hope you like it! 



Babel Film Creatives
Director Trishna Mahtani
Producer & Editor Jeremy Hung
Cinematographers Yu Ching Yau, Trishna Mahtani
Assistant Producer Pius Kung
Featuring Kendra Ho, Roxane Chan, Rosemary Ling, Angie Leung
Music Seth Parson

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