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It’s a similar feeling to reaching the beauty and hair section in Vogue where there is a dedicated editorial around trending hair styles or a collage of behind the scenes runway hair dos from the season. The difference is that @gentlehairdos brings us a digital and social experience we can follow right at our fingertips. With a shout out of acknowledgement as “Beauty Instagram Of The Week” from Rosie Huntington-Whitely, you ought to follow @gentlehairdos also. KIN gets behind the beautiful IG account for a quick Q&A with its creator Lindyl

Tell us a little about yourself!
I'm Lindyl, I live in Sydney, Australia with my partner and our Labrador, and I'm a writer and features editor. I've worked in magazines for almost my entire career. When it comes to 'stuff' I'm a minimalist, but I've always collected books and magazines. I can spend hours researching beautiful, creative, provocative imagery. 

What inspired you to start @gentlehairdos? 
I'd had the name Gentle Hair Dos in my mind long before I started the account. I don't know why I was so hesitant. Anyway, it came about because I spend so much time looking at old and new fashion and beauty campaigns and editorials and runway shows, and I realised I was saving lots of imagery with women's hair and the close-up beauty shots. 

Where has the account been featured? 
It makes me so happy just to see someone on Instagram tag Gentle Hair Dos in a post, and some incredibly talented stylists and entrepreneurs have mentioned the account in posts and stories which is such a beautiful gesture. I just did an interview with, so we might see Gentle Hair Dos there soon!  

"I trust my aesthetic and let that guide me"

In an endless web of IG accounts surrounding aesthetically pleasing imagery of beauty, hair, interiors, fashion and more! Why do you think @gentlehairdos stands out? 
I don't know if it stands out, but I hope it contributes! I trust my aesthetic and let that guide me, and I feature a mix of beautiful editorial and campaign imagery with pictures posted by hair stylists and women on their personal accounts. I also try to feature a mix of hair textures. I want it to be more than a moodboard. I want it to celebrate, support and inspire.

How do you define therapeutic hair styles? 
A therapeutic hair style has visual energy - whether it's the way hair naturally falls effortlessly, or it's a hair do with a beautiful accessory, or the hair has been styled in a graceful or joyful way. You can imagine how it feels, and it creates a gentle, calming sensorial response.

What are some hair trends that we should be looking out for? 

Short hair! I predict we'll shed the weight of self isolation by chopping off long locks and embracing light, fresh cuts. 


Hair tucks! Wearing your necklace draped over your hair is so chic.


Super-sized fabric accessories and modern takes on bows and scrunchies.


Your top 3 IG accounts to follow right now? 

What’s next for @gentlehairdos?
Whatever's in store for Gentle Hair Dos will happen organically. My biggest hope is that it reaches more people and they can find inspiration in it. 

We hope you feel soothed finding some therapeutic hair style and inspiration as much as we have. Head to to read Lindyl’s latest interview feature. Can’t wait to see more that will come from this unique IG account!  


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