DOING GOOD WITH LUÜNA NATURALS - Breaking Taboos Around Menstrual Health


Isn’t it strange that at some point when purchasing pads or tampons that you’ve felt a sense of shame and hope to GOD that no one you know bumps into you? We’re sure many women have been through a similar feeling. However, as women who have access to healthcare, education and opportunity, we appreciate how fortunate we are. The reality is more than half of all women around the world lack access to hygiene products and sanitary facilities1. May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day, which strives to remove the taboos surrounding menstruation and raise awareness to menstrual health. Period care has become a taboo subject in different cultures all over the world in varying degrees, and it’s time for this to change. 

Oscar-winning documentary short by director Rayka Zehtabchi and producer Melissa Berton, 'Period. End of Sentence.' sheds light on the lack of period care in rural India. The conversation starting film follows the journey of a group of women who are making a real change to their communities. Watch the 26 minute film below if you haven't already!


At KIN, we recently connected with LUÜNA Naturals, an inspiring feminine care brand that is focused on empowering women through open conversation, providing sustainable period care options and giving back to communities in need. Today, we share how we can do more good with LUÜNA Naturals and their mission to “make periods better; for our bodies, our planet and our sisters in need.” 

Why Organic Cotton?

Cotton is a material used widely in fashion and across many other products in our daily lives, yet did you know that the conventional methods of cotton farming is known to be detrimental to the environment? The farming of cotton and the processing from raw material to finish products involves large amounts of water and artificial fertilizers and pesticides. It is estimated that it can take about 10,000 litres of water just to produce one kilogram of cotton fabric. 

Organic cotton is grown naturally without chemical and artificial additives. These additives are harmful to not only our environment but also to our health. LUÜNA pads and tampons are FDA approved and certified organic with a highly absorbent core, all materials are free from any unnatural chemicals and dyes, making them hypoallergenic and gentle to both our skin and the planet. 

"Our mission is to ensure all women and girls can adopt toxin and plastic-free period care unhindered by shame, taboos and misconceptions about their bodies.”

Doing good : A Better Period Initiative

In response to the impact of Covid-19, LUÜNA Naturals launched A Better Period in early April 2020. The global initiative donates 100 organic cotton pads for every 250HKD spent on LUÜNA Naturals products to social impact partners and women in need including frontline medical staff and low income families. Since then, they have donated over 10,000 organic LUÜNA pads to women in need. 

The brand has a deep-rooted respect for nature, and unwavering support for society’s most vulnerable women and girls. We love that we are able to give back and make smarter period care choices with LUÜNA Naturals through their healthy and environmentally-friendly products. Visit to shop their organic period care, or LUÜNA Period Cup. 

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