Make Every Day Earth Day with KIN Made

As Earth Day approaches on April 22, 2023, it's a good time to think about our impact on the planet and what we can do to help. As a sustainable fashion label at KIN Made, we're all about reducing our environmental footprint and promoting responsible consumption. We hope you'll join us in making positive changes for the planet.

The fashion industry can be a big contributor to environmental damage, with production processes that lead to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But at KIN Made, we're taking steps to lessen our impact.

Sustainability starts with design and materials we choose. We use surplus and deadstock fabrics to make our clothes, which means we're not using new materials and we're diverting waste from landfills. At KIN Made, we produce our items in limited quantities, not only to ensure that our customers have unique and special pieces, but also to reduce waste and promote sustainable production practices. You can trust that each KIN Made item has been carefully crafted with the planet in mind.

But conscious fashion doesn't stop at production. We also encourage responsible consumption. Taking care of your clothes and only buying what you need can help reduce waste and lessen the demand for new clothing.

Here are some easy steps for us to all take towards a more sustainable future:

  1. Think about the materials used in your clothing. Choosing natural, organic, or recycled fibres over synthetic materials is a great way to start.

  2. Take care of your clothes. Wash them less frequently, repair any damage, and donate or repurpose items you no longer need.

  3. Support sustainable fashion labels (like KIN Made). Look for brands that prioritize ethical and environmentally-friendly practices, and invest in high-quality, long-lasting pieces that you'll love for years to come.

  4. Learn more about the impact of the fashion industry on the planet. Share your knowledge with others, and encourage them to make sustainable choices too.

By making small changes and taking action, we can all help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and create a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations. Read more about our commitment to sustainability here. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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