Making mental health and well-being our priority

This month, October 10 marks World Mental Health Day. The theme this year is to make mental health and well-being a priority all around the world. With the global recognition that mental health has garnered over recent years, especially through the pandemic, it is encouraging to see so many people on board to raise awareness on the importance of mental health. Working on our well-being and mental health requires consistency, support and awareness. It might be something small we do everyday, or once a week. At KIN, we wanted to share a few things that we’ve learned to practice as well as examples from our featured guests that can benefit our overall well-being.


Take time for yourself & set your own rituals

Whether it’s meditation, breaks throughout your day or some alone time, it’s important to make that time to check in with yourself. Sound artist Minnie Cheung shares that starting her day with meditation and drinking 2 glasses of lemon water helps her release tensions and prepares herself for the day. 

Talk about it

Call a friend or family member to check-in on each other. If you’re looking for professional guidance, speak to a licensed therapist. It’s amazing what you can learn through conversations and connecting with others.

Let your body move

Make a daily steps goal, take time to stretch in the mornings or attend regular fitness classes. It’s proven that exercise is a great way to improve our mental health and overall well-being. For example, Rosemary Ling created her own night routine by ending the day with yoga or HIIT exercises.

Write it down

Journalling allows for self reflection and awareness. Jotting down things we’re grateful for, excited about or any worries that might be present, helps us process whatever it is that we may be going through.

Be kind to yourself

Being your own best friend, you would tell yourself that your mental health and well-being is a priority. More often than not, we’re our own toughest critic. Be gentle with yourself and practice kindness through self-care, your way. 


Everyone is different, so it’s really about finding what works for you. We’d love to hear from you if you have more tips for us too. Feel free to DM us, comment, or email us at Supporting each other at KIN is important to us.


*Rosemary Ling wears the KIN Wilde Cami in Khaki above. 


Take care xx

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