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Today we’re sharing a few houseplants we love that are super easy to take care of. We’re no experts but what better way to liven up the home than with some natural greenery? Not only can they make a stylish statement, indoor plants purify the air and lift our moods. Add a touch of nature to the home with these low maintenance plants. 

KIN Houseplants Snake PlantSNAKE PLANT
Sun Exposure: Any
Water: Every 2 weeks
Perhaps one of the easiest and most popular indoor options, snake plants stay alive in varying conditions. A great interior addition as well as a hard working natural air filter for the home, the snake plant improves air quality by filtering oxygen. The growth will head upwards, perfect for anyone living in smaller spaces. 

KIN Houseplants Monstera
Sun Exposure: Medium, Indirect
Water: Weekly
These beautifully slated leafy, tropical indoor plants tolerate most light conditions. The Monstera is low maintenance, grows quickly and develops its interesting unique shape when in a desirable environment.
KIN Houseplants Aloe Vera
Sun Exposure: Direct or indirect sunlight
Water: When soil is dry
This attractive succulent plant is an easy indoor companion. The cooling gel from the leaves can be used as a natural remedy for burns and scrapes. Similar to most succulents, aloe plants thrive without much moisture or care. 
KIN Houseplants Pothos
Sun Exposure: Low to medium, indirect
Water: When soil is dry
Highly recommended by plant shop owners, the Pothos is a plant that just keeps giving. Watch this viney plant grow quickly anywhere in your home. Pothos look great potted in soil or just a vase with water around corners, side tables or hanging. These are also super easy to propagate!
KIN Houseplants Peace Lily
Sun Exposure: Medium, indirect
Water: When leaves drop
These aren’t technically flowers but the modified leaf (bracts) sure look like large white flowers. The Peace Lily looks like what it sounds really. They also show when they need some watering by its drooping leaves. Simple!
KIN Houseplants Fiddle Leaf Fig
Sun Exposure: Bright
Water: When Soil is dry or once a week
The ficus requires a little more care than the plants mentioned above, but the broad dark green leaves are beautiful in any room. These need some time to acclimatise and depending on the variety, can be either bushy or grow up to 6 feet tall. You’ll be advancing beyond beginner plant parent status if you can keep this one healthy! 

Don’t get disheartened if some don’t thrive straight away. The problems usually stem from having too little or too much sunlight or water. A little TLC goes a long way! Have fun growing some mini urban jungles.

Image sources: Snake Plant, Monstera, Aloe, Pothos, Peace Lily, Fiddle Leaf Fig

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