Two Weeks in New York City

In June, I spent two weeks in New York. It was my second time visiting the big and bustling city. It's September now. I'm sure the weather there has moved on from beautiful early summer days in June, to heat wave, and now probably to the start of fall. Revisiting the trip now a few months later still makes it special. After some research on the internet, there were many things I wanted to fit in within the trip. I'm thankful also for the friends who shared awesome travel tips and suggestions for things to check out. These are my top 10 to-do's in NYC. 

New York City Travel Guide Top 10 To Do - KIN MADE

  1. Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    It was bigger and more beautiful than I had expected. There's so much to see there. The Temple of Dendur room gave me goosebumps, it was just beautiful. We also got to see In America A Lexicon of Fashion. I wish I had more time to visit every section in the museum. I would recommend to leave at least a full day to explore the museum.


  2. Get a bagel from Sadelles
    Tried a few bagels in NYC and this was the best by far, albeit also the most expensive. It really had the perfect combination of lox (smoked salmon), cream cheese in a fresh bagel.

  3. Visit The Guggenheim
    As a modern architectural monument, the building itself is striking. Spiralling up the levels at your own pace, and stopping by at any interesting art works that take your fancy is inherently eye-opening, therapeutic, and relaxing. At the time, there was a couple of great exhibitions including Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle, Cecilia Vicuna: Spin Spin Triangulene, Gillian Wearing: Wearing Masks and the ongoing Tahnnhauser Collection. If you are going on a Saturday afternoon, the museum closes a little later at 8pm with a pay-what-you-wish admission. Walk through central park before or after your visit for an afternoon well spent.


  4. Eat a steak at Peter Luger Steakhouse
    Book beforehand and head to Brooklyn to try this out. We got the steak for two, French fried potatoes and creamed spinach. It was delicious!

  5. Shop at Assembly New York
    They have a cool mix of vintage and independent designer brands.

  6. Eat at Katz’s Delicatessen
    We went for the reuben sandwich and had no regrets. Probably best to share a sandwich with a friend because they are pretty massive.

  7. Go to Chelsea Market 
    Definitely recommend getting some seafood and a lobster roll from Lobster Place and some tacos from Los Tacos there.

  8. Eat pizza multiple times
    I don't have particular recommendations but just do this whenever. Sometimes it’s tricky to go to the tourist spots as they have lines a lot of the time. But there's always room for a slice of pizza!

  9. Get drinks at Mr Purple
    There's a cool rooftop here and view of the city.

  10. Watch a Broadway show
    We got to catch Billy Crystal in Mr. Saturday Night which was very entertaining and broadway-feeling. If that makes sense!

Bonus tip*
Be smart with your carry-on. It's probably the most important packing tip for any trip where you have check-in luggage. You are free to see your check-in luggage leave you when you check your bags, rest-assured that you've done this. Things can go wrong during your travels. Unfortunately, our check-in luggage didn't make the transit flight in LA > JFK. Luckily - I didn't panic too much because I had packed everything I needed while waiting for 1-2 days for the delayed luggage to be delivered to our hotel. Pack a change of clothes (thankfully I packed the KIN Wilde Cami and Amelia Dress), skincare essentials, minimal makeup, underwear, socks, valuables (laptops and cameras), and snacks on your carry-on.

Bonus bonus tip** 
Make use of the hotel reusable water bottles that they gift you. Or bring your own reusable bottle of water for your big days of exploring. Staying hydrated is a priority!

Thanks for reading along. And wishing everyone a lovely time on your next vacation. Enjoy all the great and small moments!

Signing off! Cheers x



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