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With all the gyms closed and everyone spending the majority of their time at home, it’s easy to feel lethargic and unmotivated to stay active. We’ve compiled some of our favourite home workout videos we’ve been doing on rotation! You’ve probably had a bunch of friends send different links to different workout videos at home already. But hopefully there’s some here to add to your YouTube playlist for variety. For us that’s really key, discovering some new and different workout videos that really do the job and make us feel accomplished after the session! Sure, we might not be able to do every single pose like the pros but getting the blood pumping and doing good for your body and soul is what counts. Whether you have an hour or just ten minutes in your day, we hope you will find something you enjoy to stay active during these times.


1 hour Morning Body Yoga Total Body Burn Workout 
30 min Morning Yoga Total Body Vinyasa Flow 
They have a solid library of yoga classes and meditation. 


Her workouts are short and intense, but they really break a sweat. Follow one of her programs or do the video workouts at your own pace. 
Great for dance cardio workouts to our favourite songs and HIIT. These are pretty fun to do too. 


Alexis Ren and MadFit have some great workouts for specific areas you want to focus on. These videos for abs, butt, arms and upper body are perfect mini sessions. 


10 min warm up 


15 min full body stretch and cool down 


The NTC app is easy to use and has free workouts from bodyweight-only sessions, yoga, targeted training programs and full-equipment workouts. Build healthy habits with the app and track your achievements as you go. 

If you have any other recommendations, feel free to share them with us in the comments or at Let’s motivate one another for healthier bodies and minds. 


Image source: Vogue

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