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Happy Earth Day!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day - the biggest environmental movement for change. It was time for people to call for larger protections for the planet in 1970. It’s sad to realise how much damage we’ve done in the last 50 years despite the strength of this movement. We all need to do so much more to protect our planet. 

At KIN, we want to make some personal pledges to the environment that you can easily adopt too. With a change in mindset, our consumption behaviours and building new habits, we can all do our part in saving the environment and make every day Earth day. 

Kendra Pledges to: 
Make it an everyday habit to bring a water bottle with me wherever I go to always stay hydrated without having to buy bottled water. 
Choose Clean Beauty 
Try to transition into more clean and cruelty free beauty and make-up products
Save Energy
Letting in more daylight and relax with candles instead of turning the lights on all the time
Say No to Plastic 
Always remember to bring a tote bag when grocery shopping and running errands and use a metal straw or ditch the straws all together
Make it last
Take better care of my clothes so they last longer by mending, altering and reading the care labels and wash instructions. 
Roxane Pledges to: 
Shop More Consciously
Shop more from sustainable brands or find vintage pieces instead of new items. 
Conscious Vacays
It’s time to consider taking more meaningful vacations while thinking about limiting my own carbon footprint.
Let's Dine-in
So much packaging is used for delivery and takeaway. Try to dine-in at the restaurant instead or cook at home. 
More Indoor Jungles
Grow more houseplants! Learn to propagate and share plants with friends and family.
More Veg
Keep choosing more vegetables over meat. This benefits the health of the environment and also our bodies.

    We hope our pledge will inspire you to make small conscious changes in your lifestyle to care for our earth too!

    With Love, 


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