Switch off, light a candle, and shine a light. In times of darkness, we hope that an hour of our time can be spent to shed light and create awareness for energy consumption and its effect on the environment. 

Earth Hour 2020 KIN

Earth Hour first started in 2007 Sydney by the WWF as a symbolic lights-out event. It’s now one of the world’s biggest grassroots movements pushing for climate change. Every year on the last Saturday of March, millions of people around the world have been taking part in this very special event to show support for our planet. However, the mission is more than just this one hour every year, it’s a catalyst for positive environmental impact. Let’s spark these conversations amongst our peers, and take protecting nature as a priority in our everyday lives. There’s no other way we can combat the climate crisis without making some serious changes to how we live and lead. 

We wanted to share our favourite ways to save energy. These simple steps can make a great difference to energy consumption. Beyond that, these little actions will eventually turn into habits, and for a more conscious way of living. 

Simple ways to conserve energy: 

    It’s that simple, let natural daylight in and refrain from using electricity for light. At night, wind down with candle light. Turn off what you are not using at all times, you will save some money with the electricity bill too. Thank us later

  2. AIR OUT
    Leaving your laundry to air dry not only protects your clothing but also saves a lot of energy. Another way you can air out is to open your windows and let the breeze in instead of turning on the air conditioner. 

    Water is essential in our everyday lives, but long showers aren't. If you shorten shower time by one minute, you can save 550 gallons a year. You can also switch your shower head to save 2900 gallons a year. Every drop counts. 

This Saturday March 28 for EARTH HOUR from 8:30PM-9:30PM - we’ll be shining our candles in the comfort of our homes and switching off completely. At times like these when staying at home can be sometimes challenging, we want to take this time to be thankful for everything we have. Especially valuing the good health of ourselves and those around us. And more importantly the health of our planet. Let’s reflect on all the harsh realities of global ecosystems but more importantly, spread hope on how we can turn this around together. The best way to spread this is to lead by example for the loved ones you may be living with, friends and even in the workplace. Let’s do our part as much as possible, in ways that are big or small. 

Earth Hour / WWF HK

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