My Sweet Valentine

Doing something sweet for a loved one on Valentine’s is always a good idea. No matter if the gesture is great or small, it will be appreciated. Whether you're a Romeo or Juliet, here are some simple ideas to spoil your significant other! 

KIN MADE - Valentine's Day Ideas


Nothing says “I love you” more than a red rose! A fresh bouquet or a surprise delivery? The classic rose or their favourite type of blooms? Flowers remind us of the beauty and nature of what love is.

KIN MADE - Valentine's Day Ideas

Romantic Picnic

Fresh food and fresh outdoors! Grab a hamper and have a romantic picnic at your favourite spot! Prepare a delicious spread of goodies you can graze on all afternoon, crack open a bottle of wine, and voila!
KIN MADE - Valentine's Day

Attend a Pottery Class

No “Unchained Melody” here but you can test your creative side by taking your other half to a ceramics class. You may need to plan a few days in advance but a small price to pay, and at the end of the day you get to take home your creation!
KIN MADE - Valentine's Day Ideas


Mejuri has a little something for everyone. A little piece of jewellery can go a long way on Valentine’s Day. Make him/her feel special with this range of ethically sourced bling!


Romantic Tunes

Listen to our favourite classic love songs! 


Love is love is love! Wishing all our Kin a wonderful Valentine’s Day ahead. 

KIN xx

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