Long-time friends and dedicated bookworms, we finally came together last year to create a shared space for open and unfiltered book discussions. With an aim to read one book per month, we meet regularly online and offline to dive more deeply into the chosen book. Our conversations are often loosely structured around thoughts and feelings on themes, character development and plot of each book, as well as their relevance to our own culture and lives. We’re so excited to share on KIN what's been "On the Shelf" for us and would also love to hear your thoughts & recommendations!

But first, here’s a little introduction to our “On the Shelf” x KIN dedicated bookworms. 

A typical Pisces, I'm always looking for ways to escape the mundanities of everyday life, so it's not surprising that speculative fiction is what I generally reach for—be it supernatural, fantasy, or science fiction. I find real life trials and tribulations more digestible when sprinkled with a touch of magic and presented through imaginary worlds and characters. I love it when a book is able to bend my mind, unsettle internalized ideas, and widen my mental horizons. Apart from reading, I enjoy spending the day in bed watching dramas, gaming (though terrible at it), and drinking tea or coffee.

Entranced by Quidditch and Potions class at Hogwarts, I discovered my love for reading through rooting for Harry’s friendships and empathizing with his battles against Voldemort. Finding a pull towards real life stories as I grew older, I became fascinated with autobiographies and memoirs. I love witnessing the gradual unfolding of a person’s life and exploring his or her view on humanity and morality. When I put down a book and step back into my own life, I’m a sucker for a good hearty brunch (with avocados!) and yoga.  

Growing up, I wasn’t an avid reader beyond what was academically required. It wasn’t until I began embracing the pleasure of alone time and solo travels that I found books to be the perfect companions. As a native Hong Konger, I feel inherently drawn to books about big cities and the lives of its hustling & bustling dwellers. A title with New York or Paris in it? Even better. No matter where I am in the world, I always find my happy place in a cozy coffeeshop, with a book in one hand and a well-poured latte in the other.

We’re so honoured to have such an intelligent trio of besties Crystal, Nicholle and Silvia contributing at KIN. We hope you grow to love them as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled for more book club moments coming this way. 

On the Shelf x KIN 

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