This Valentine's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year. A few weeks into 2022 and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner already. Of course, Valentine’s Day is another wonderful reminder to celebrate L-O-V-E and we love doing just that! This year, we want to go back to the simple things. Here’s a list of 5 simple things to do this Valentine’s Day. 

KIN MADE Valentine's Day Nyssa Jewellery

Get dressed up

It’s the perfect time to throw on a dress or a feel-good outfit you haven’t worn for a while in your wardrobe. Kendra wears our romantic Amelia Dress in Ivory above. A classic dress with a full tiered skirt, side pockets and a back neck tie you can tie into a cute little bow - perfect for wherever a surprise date might take you. Picnic date, drinks at a hidden bar or dancing on the street?


Make a reservation

After a big lull in social activities during the pandemic, it’s time to treat your loved one to a dining experience outside of the home (if it’s possible where you are). Make a reservation for a table of two at your favourite restaurant or somewhere new in town. Indulge in a cocktail or bottle of wine, order the extra fries or bread and try both desserts. Why not? 


Gift a timeless keepsake for each other (or yourself!)

Express your love with a timeless keepsake for your significant other, BFF, or you could treat yourself to something special too. Nyssa has just released a new Infinity Collection to celebrate unbreakable bonds and strengths in partnerships.

KIN MADE Valentine's Day Nyssa Jewellery


Press play with some romantic tunes

Set the mood with some classic love songs in our My Sweet Valentine playlist!

Put it in words with a card

Keep it simple, and celebrate this special day with a handmade card or handwritten note. In our world now where all things are digital, it’s always extra special now to receive something that’s handwritten. 

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day this year. Maybe it’s a simple reminder for us to tell the people we love that we love them, or for us to love ourselves more.

KIN xx 

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